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Who We Are

Start animation studio offers end-to-end solutions in visual imagery and content production for Feature Films, Direct to Home DVDs, TV Series and new age Digital Content platforms. We take pride in our association with some of the best studios in the world. For our audiences, we present an array of captivating characters, stories and glimpses of mesmerizing Worlds. A promise of unforgettable experience.

We stand for our unwavering focus on creativity, cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation. Clubbing these with our wagon of world-class talent pool, we are all geared up to woo the audiences and clients alike.

At Start animation studio , we believe in the power of collaborative creative efforts within the talent pool. Our constant endeavor is to channel the brilliance of each team member into suitable spheres of performance.

The key stakeholders of the Studio carry with them years of diverse experience in the dynamic field of animation. Many distinguished award winning projects and franchises like Berry Bees,Boobar doobar,BooBa, Robin Hood, Arthur, etc., have been part , we are staffed with high calibre talent pool, who tirelessly strive towards developing innovative stories and lovable characters.